Sunday, July 13, 2008

monique lhuillier... hmmm.

Today, I gathered the troops to hit the monique lhuillier semi annual sample sale. My mom, sister, cousin, and friend were dragged out of bed at 6am to sit on the cold hard concrete in downtown L.A. for three hours until their doors opened at 10. I figured this was something every girl had to experience at least once, I prepared the crew with print outs of my favorite dresses and brought plenty of magazines to get us ready for the kill. At precisely 10 am, doors opened and we entered the warehouse.... dun dun dun.. claws were out. I must admit, there were some gorgeous dresses available at dramatic discounts.... but overall, the sizes were inconsistent, most dresses were damaged and/or dirty & I did not enjoy the territorial attitudes of some of these ladies... at $1,000 and up, that is no fun!
So... as a huge proponent of diy, I think I'd rather pick up a $99 david's bridal gown and add the glitz myself. (there will be more to come on this, i'm sure.)

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annie. said...

they never look as good as they do in the ads :(